Your Love Amazes Me    (GMP 905)   Tony Oxendine


Four ladies chain across the ring my friend
You chain your lady send her home again
Join hands and circle to the left for me
Allemande that corner then you weave the ring
*I've seen the seven wonders of the world
I've seen the beauty of diamonds and pearls
But they ain't nothin' baby, your love amazes me


Heads square thru and take 'em four hands around
You make a right hand star and turn it around
Heads star left and travel one time around
Same pair go right and left thru and turn 'em around
You touch 1/4, walk and dodge for me
Partner trade, reverse flutter wheel and all promenade
Only you can save me, your love amazes me


*I've seen a sunset that will make you cry, and
Colors of a rainbow reachin' cross the sky
The moon in all its phases
I prayed for miracles that never came,
But they ain't nothin' baby, your love amazes me