Wild On Saturday Night    (GMP 403)   Jon Jones, Brian Hotchkies


Four ladies promenae go one time around
Get back, swing your own around and then
Join hands, circle go walkin' round the land
Do a left allemande, weave the ring
Ah, Saturday night, Saturday night
Swing your girl and promenade her tonight
On a Sunday or Monday we're doin' alright
But you ought to see us on a Saturday night


Heads promenade and go halfway I say
Down the middle, right & left thru then roll a half sashay
Sides square thru and take 'em four hands you know
All the way around and swing thru
The centers trade and now the centers run and then
Wheel & deal around, face 'em there my friend
Square thru girls go 3, boys go 4 and now
Boys cloverleaf, swing the corner and promenade somehow
On a Monday or a Tuesday everything is alright
But we're lookin' for a Saturday night