ESP-436 - Darryl Lipscomb Calling A1

Heads Pass The Ocean, Chain Reaction, Boys Run, Couples Circulate, 

Chain Down The Line,Pass thru, Chase Right but Boys Swing Thru 

When You Meet, Boys Turn Thru, and Step to A Wave With The Girls, ¼ Thru, 

Explode The Wave, Bend The Line, Pass The Ocean, All 8 Circulate, 

Swng Thru, Boys Trade, Right and Left Grand.

Heads Pass The Ocean, Chain Reaction, Swing Thru, 1/4 Thru,

Split Circulate, Acey Deucey, Explode The Wave, Turn And Deal,

Centers Cross Trail Thru, Pass To The Center,

Centers Left Wheel Thru And U-Turn Back, Home

Sides Double Star Thru, Clover And Triple Star Thru, Turn & Deal,

Double Pass Thru, Track 2, Explode The Wave, Ends Bend,

Split Square Thru 4, Right Roll To A Wave, Split Circulate, 

Explode The Wave, Wheel & Deal, Centers Partner Trade & Roll,


Sides Pass Thru, Separate Around 1 To A Line, Pass Thru, 

Wheel And Deal, Double Pass Thru, Track 2, Swing Thru,  

Explode The Wave, Wheel And Deal and Spread, Pass Thru, 

Crossfire, boys Square Thru 3, Left Touch ¼, 

Ladies Trade, \Left Swing Thru, Girls Run, Couples Circulate, 

Couples Hinge, Center Boys Trade, Couples Hinge, 

Couples Circulate, Ferris Wheel,

Centers Sweep ¼, Home.

Heads Box The Gnat, Split Square Thru 4, Horseshoe Turn,

Single Circle To A Wave, Centers Trade, Ladies Trade, Pass Thru,

Chase Right, Scoot And Dodge, Ends Cross Fold, Slide Thru, 

Explode The Line, Bend The Line, Touch 1/4, Transfer The Column, 

¼ Thru, Boys Run, Couples Circulate, Boys ½ More, 

Ladies Walk And Dodge, Boys Big Diamond Circulate and Roll,

Girls As Couples Touch ¼ With The Boy You See, 

Center Boys Trade, Boys Extend To Lefts, Boys Hinge and Mix,

Girls Bend The Line, Extend, Boys Run, Pass The Ocean, 

All 8 Circulate,  Swing Thru, Swing Thru Again, Scoot Back, 

Boys Trade, Boys Run, Girls Trade, Ferris Wheel, Centers Sweep ¼,