Recorded at ESP Studio • Fred Chester, Engineer
• Produced by ESP 2213 S. Adams, Tallahassee, FL

I Still Like Bologna
Music by
Southern Satisfaction

Sides face grand square
I still like bologna on white bread, now and then
And the sound of a whippoorwill down a country road
Allemande and weave
Well the grass between my toes
Swing and all promenade*
And a good woman’s love to hold me close

Heads [sides] square thru four hands you know
Meet the sides make a right hand star
Heads star left one time around you go
Same two, slide thru
You square thru and go 3/4 round the ring
Swing the corner, promenade I sing
I wouldn’t wanna go back even if I could.

Alternate line:
* And a sunset sinking low

Tom Miller
P.O. Box 72,
Chest Springs, PA 16624