Sweet Sweet Smile ESP 1164
Elmer Sheffield, Jr


Well the four little ladies gonna Chain that ring
Turn little girl and hear me sing;    Roll her Away and Circle Left
You Roll that girl a half sashay  Circle to the Left while you're that way
Allemande the corner and you Weave the Ring
You're always in my heart,   early the morning till its dark
Meet a little girl and you Promenade
I got to know that you love me, that you need me
I gotta see  your sweet smile every day


Head two couples gonna Promenade halfway round he said
Walk to the middle and Pass the Ocean there
Extend,     Swing Thru,   Boys Trade and Boys Run right
You Bend the Line,  Star Thru   Reverse the Flutter
Veer to the Right and you Promenade
I gotta know that you love me
Know that you need me
Gotta see that sweet smile every day


When I wake up in the morning
And I see you there

I gotta feel your arms around mew
Know that you need me


I gotta see that sweet smile every day