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Jon Jones

Jon was first introduced to square dancing in 1954 and was soon in the swing of the activity after a series of ten lessons. Shortly afterward, he became involved in teaching and promoting square dancing.

Jon helped organize the North Texas Callers Association and the Texas State Callers Association, and was elected the first President of each organization. He has been a member of CALLERLAB since 1974, was elected to the Board of Governors in 1976 and served a two-year term (1979-1981) as the third Chairman of the Board. He was honored with the highest award from CALLERLAB, The Milestone Award, in 1985.

Today, Jon calls regularly for Mainstream and Plus clubs. For thirteen years, he taught a one-hour P.E. credit course in square dancing at the University of Texas at Arlington. Jon has called dances, festivals, conducted workshops, week-long institutes, callers clinics and colleges in many of the States, Canada and several overseas countries as well. Jon was Chairman of the CALLERLAB Mainstream-Basics Committee for several years. He was also Chairman of the CALLERLAB Caller Coach Committee for several years. He is a CALLERLAB Accredited Caller Coach.

Throughout the years, Jon discovered that his busy schedule with the activity and the people of square dancing has been a most rewarding experience. He believes that square dancing is the best hobby and recreation in which anyone can indulge: Square Dancing is an Expression of Joy.

Jon lives in Arlington, Texas with his wife Deborah Carroll-Jones, who is also a caller and an Accredited Caller Coach. He retired as Street and Landfill Superintendent for the City of Arlington after service of thirty-three years. He and Deborah occupy their limited spare time with buying and selling antiques.

Jon has recordings with Square L, Kalox, Blue Star and Global.

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