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Jerry Jestin

While Jerry Jestin was growing up in Canada, he was around square dancing a lot. His parents have been dancing since the early 50's. Early in his life, Jerry played the piano and sang in many amateur shows. He and his sister Loretta learned to square dance from Frank Dorward. Frank knew Jerry could sing so he handed a record to Jerry and told him to practice. Jerry learned the singing call and has been calling ever since. His first dance was in 1967.

He has always liked performing. Sometimes he would call duets with his sister. After a time Jerry felt that he had gone as far as he could in Canada as a full time caller. He began looking south, across the border. In 1979, he relocated to Texas, attending Texas A&M University while continuing to expand his calling career. He majored in Physical Education and Health.

In 1980, while calling and attending school, he met and married Janice Lee Graham, whose father was a local caller in San Antonio. Jerry and Janice moved from College Station, Texas to the Dallas - Fort Worth area where his home program expanded to cover various levels of square and round dancing. He then transferred to the University of Texas at Arlington, to continue his education on a part time basis, where he found time to get some voice training.

In 1984, Jerry and Janice became the resident square and round dance and clogging instructors at a RV park in Yuma, Arizona. By 1985, they were working at two parks, offering a full program for all levels of the various dances. From 1990-1994, they worked as resident Caller, Cuer, Directors at Lionshead Resort outside of West Yellowstone, Montana. During the summer months they taught squares, rounds, and clogging and coordinated the hiring of guest callers and cuers. When Jerry is not in Yuma, he travels to other areas in the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada calling festivals and dances. In the spring and fall, you will find him working on the family grain farm in Alberta.

He has recorded on several Square Dance record labels. First on Circle D Records, releasing "Come Monday". Then on to Riverboat Records, releasing two patter records and two singing calls, "Listen to the Music" and "Pictures". Recently Jerry recorded on Jo-Pat/ESP Records. Where his releases include; "Bummin Around", "I Don't Hurt Anymore", "It Ain't Necessarily So", "I'll Come A Runnin' to You", "Next Thing Smokin", "That's My Story", "Honky Tonk Attitude", "Tall, Tall Trees", "Seminole Wind", "Shindig in the Barn", "Just Another Polka", and "Hightech Redneck". He has also made special appearances on Sting Records – "Cheatin' Heart" and here on Global Records (see below).

Jerry and Janice have composed three round dances: "Way Too Sassy", "Memories Are Made of This", and "Falling Star Rumba".

Jerry and Janice are members of CALLERLAB and ROUNDALAB. Jerry is currently a board member of CALLERLAB.
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