Last Modified Listing Feed I'd Choose You Again MjQ2Mi0yMDE5LTAxLTIwIDA2OjAxOjA1 ]]> Dancing With The Mountains MjQ5OS0yMDE4LTEyLTI3IDAwOjI0OjEz ]]> And You Smiled MjQ5Ny0yMDE4LTEyLTI2IDAwOjI0OjE5 ]]> Hogan & Ripper HD MjQ3NC0yMDE4LTExLTE5IDIwOjMwOjAz ]]> Colonel Bismark H/D MjQ3NS0yMDE4LTEwLTMwIDAwOjExOjA5 ]]> Geisha Girl MjQ2NC0yMDE4LTEwLTIxIDIyOjA1OjI4 ]]> I Still Call Australia Home MjQ1OS0yMDE4LTEwLTIxIDIyOjA0OjU2 <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;This is our First Round Dance Release on A&S Records!!]]> The Magic Is There MjQ1MC0yMDE4LTEwLTIxIDIyOjA0OjIz ]]> Rip Rip Woodchip MjQ0OC0yMDE4LTEwLTIxIDIyOjAzOjUz ]]> The Carnival Is Over MjQ0NS0yMDE4LTEwLTIxIDIyOjAyOjE3 ]]> I Have A Dream MjQ0NC0yMDE4LTEwLTIxIDIyOjAxOjQx ]]> A Man Named Armstrong MjQ5Ni0yMDE4LTEwLTIxIDIxOjQ2OjA2 ]]> Gung Ho Miltary Medley HD MjQ5NS0yMDE4LTEwLTIxIDIxOjI5OjU5 ]]> If I Only Had a Brain MjQ5NC0yMDE4LTEwLTIxIDIxOjE5OjI0 ]]> Gotta Be Good MjQ5MC0yMDE4LTEwLTAxIDAyOjE4OjM3 ]]> Proving My Love MjQ4OC0yMDE4LTEwLTAxIDAyOjA2OjM4 ]]> Jungle To The Zoo MjQ4Ny0yMDE4LTEwLTAxIDAxOjU5OjEw ]]> Down Under HD MjQ4My0yMDE4LTA5LTI5IDA4OjMxOjQ0 ]]> Conjunction Junction MjQ4NS0yMDE4LTA5LTI5IDA4OjIxOjA2 ]]> Everybody Knows Your Name MjQ4Mi0yMDE4LTA5LTI5IDA4OjAyOjE4 ]]> I'll Be There For You MjQ4MS0yMDE4LTA5LTI5IDA3OjUxOjA5 ]]> You're A Mean One MR Grinch MjQ3OC0yMDE4LTA5LTI4IDAzOjM1OjUw ]]> Speed Racer MjQ4MC0yMDE4LTA5LTI4IDAzOjA2OjM0 ]]> Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (HD) MjQ0OS0yMDE4LTAxLTIzIDE4OjI0OjIz ]]> Down & Dirty HD MjQ2OC0yMDE3LTA1LTI2IDIyOjU0OjUz ]]> BJH HD MjQ3MC0yMDE3LTA1LTI1IDAyOjEyOjQx ]]> Pursuit HD MjQ3Mi0yMDE3LTA1LTI1IDAyOjA5OjMz ]]> Funky Music HD MjQ3MS0yMDE3LTA1LTI1IDAyOjA4OjU1 ]]> UpTown HD MjQ3My0yMDE3LTA1LTI0IDIxOjM0OjI5 ]]> Dead or Alive HD MjQ2OS0yMDE3LTA1LTI0IDE5OjQ3OjIy ]]> Milo HD MjQ2Ny0yMDE3LTA1LTI0IDE5OjA0OjA1 ]]> Jailhouse Jump MjQ2Ni0yMDE3LTA1LTI0IDE4OjQwOjQ0 ]]> It's Five O'clock Somewhere MjQ2NS0yMDE3LTA1LTI0IDE4OjMwOjI3 ]]> Peel Me A Nanner MjQ2My0yMDE3LTAxLTMwIDA5OjAyOjA0 ]]> Jonmark H/D MjQ2MS0yMDE2LTA0LTA2IDEzOjA2OjAz ]]> Play That Funky Music MjQ2MC0yMDE2LTA0LTA2IDEyOjU4OjM1 ]]> Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk MjI4MS0yMDE2LTAyLTI2IDE1OjUxOjM5 ]]> Sweet Baby Girl MjQ1OC0yMDE2LTAyLTI2IDE1OjAzOjUy ]]> Hello Friends MjQ1Ny0yMDE2LTAyLTI2IDE0OjUzOjAz ]]> Jailhouse Creole MjQ1Ni0yMDE2LTAyLTI2IDE0OjQ4OjEx ]]> Loving You Easy MjQ1NS0yMDE2LTAyLTI2IDE0OjQyOjIx ]]> Sweet Sweet Smile MjQ1NC0yMDE2LTAyLTI2IDE0OjM0OjA1 ]]> I Can Hear Kentucky Calling Me MjQ1My0yMDE2LTAyLTI2IDE0OjA0OjAz ]]> I Don't Look Naked Anymore MjQ1Mi0yMDE2LTAxLTMwIDAwOjI1OjI5 ]]> I'm At Home On The Range MjQ0My0yMDE2LTAxLTMwIDAwOjE5OjIx ]]> TRY MjQ0MS0yMDE2LTAxLTMwIDAwOjE1OjI2 ]]> Wild Montana Skies MjQ0Ni0yMDE2LTAxLTMwIDAwOjE1OjA3 ]]> Good Time Charlie's MjQzOS0yMDE1LTA0LTE4IDE0OjQ2OjM4 ]]> Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues MjQzNy0yMDE1LTA0LTE3IDEyOjUwOjMy ]]> THERE I'VE SAID IT AGAIN MzAtMjAxNS0wNC0xNiAxOTozODowOQ== ]]> ARIES / L.B.J. NzgtMjAxNC0xMS0yMSAwMDoxMzoxMQ== ]]> BRAVEHEART NzktMjAxNC0xMS0yMSAwMDowNjo0Ng== ]]> BLT Hoedown MjQzNi0yMDEzLTExLTIzIDE4OjMzOjA1 ]]> Burnin' Love MjQzNS0yMDEzLTExLTIzIDE4OjA2OjUy ]]> Santa Clause is Coming to Town MjQzNC0yMDEzLTExLTE3IDE2OjM3OjA1 <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;No Vocal Track Available]]> Beautiful Moon of Kentucky MjQzMy0yMDEzLTExLTE3IDE2OjIxOjA2 ]]> Near You MjQzMi0yMDEzLTExLTE3IDE2OjE4OjMw ]]> Get 'er Done MjQzMS0yMDEzLTA5LTA5IDIxOjE2OjMw ]]> Colorado Country Morning MjQzMC0yMDEzLTA5LTA5IDIxOjA5OjM0 ]]> Ain't No Grave MjQyOS0yMDEzLTA0LTI4IDIxOjQ0OjMy ]]> A Fool Such As I MjQyOC0yMDEzLTA0LTI4IDE4OjA3OjE2 ]]> Heading West MjQyNy0yMDEzLTA0LTI4IDE4OjA0OjIz ]]> How 'bout Them Cowgirls MjQyNi0yMDEzLTA0LTI4IDE3OjU3OjU1 ]]> As Good As I Once Was MjQyNS0yMDEzLTA0LTI4IDE3OjUzOjM4 ]]> California Dreaming MjQyNC0yMDEzLTA0LTI4IDE3OjQzOjQ5 ]]> Gentle ON My Mind MjQyMy0yMDEzLTA0LTI4IDE3OjM3OjMw ]]> Morning of My Mind MjQyMS0yMDEzLTA0LTI4IDE2OjM0OjU4 ]]> Rowdy Hoedown MjQyMC0yMDEzLTA0LTI4IDE2OjI3OjAx ]]> Laid Back in Low Key MjQxOS0yMDEzLTA0LTI4IDE2OjEyOjUx ]]> 1 2 3 Fly Away MjQxOC0yMDEzLTA0LTI4IDE2OjA4OjQz ]]> Elvira MjQxNy0yMDEyLTEyLTE3IDAzOjE2OjIz ]]> Green Green Grass of Home MjQxNi0yMDEyLTEyLTE3IDAzOjA5OjIy ]]> Second Fling MjQxNS0yMDEyLTEyLTE3IDAzOjA2OjI0 ]]> Cotton Pickin Time MjQxNC0yMDEyLTEyLTE3IDAzOjAwOjIw ]]> Walk Right In Sit Right Down MjQxMy0yMDEyLTEyLTE3IDAxOjA4OjIx ]]> Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella MjQxMi0yMDEyLTEyLTE3IDAxOjA0OjM0 ]]> Dixie Highway MjQxMS0yMDEyLTEyLTE3IDAwOjU2OjIz ]]> Morning Sun MjQxMC0yMDEyLTEyLTE2IDIzOjE2OjA5 ]]> I'll Still Write Your Name In the Sand MjQwOS0yMDEyLTEyLTE2IDIzOjA5OjQ3 ]]> The Way You Look Tonight MjQwOC0yMDEyLTEyLTE2IDIzOjA0OjE4 ]]> Living In The Promised Land MjQwNy0yMDEyLTEyLTE2IDIyOjU5OjM1 ]]> Those Good Ol Dreams MjQwNi0yMDEyLTEyLTE2IDIyOjQyOjQ3 ]]> Hold On Partner MjQwNS0yMDEyLTEyLTE2IDIyOjM4OjE2 ]]> Too Much of a Good Thing MjQwNC0yMDEyLTEyLTE2IDIyOjMxOjU5 ]]> Rockin' With The Rhythm of the Rain MjQwMy0yMDEyLTEyLTE2IDIyOjE1OjQz ]]> Calendar Girl MjQwMi0yMDEyLTEyLTE2IDIyOjA3OjA2 ]]> Diggin' Up Bones MjQwMS0yMDEyLTA5LTExIDAxOjIwOjU5 ]]> Burger and Fries MjQwMC0yMDEyLTA5LTExIDAxOjE0OjQx ]]> Four Leaf Clover MjM5OS0yMDEyLTA5LTExIDAxOjA1OjMw ]]> I'm Just the Way I've Always Been MjM5OC0yMDEyLTA5LTExIDAwOjMwOjQ4 ]]> I Wonder Where You Are Tonight MjM5Ny0yMDEyLTA4LTA0IDIzOjUwOjM0 ]]> Storms Never Last MjM5Ni0yMDEyLTA4LTA0IDIzOjQ2OjA2 ]]> Sunday Morning Coming Down MjM5NS0yMDEyLTA4LTA0IDIzOjQyOjIz ]]> When The Sun Goes Down MjM5NC0yMDEyLTA4LTA0IDIzOjM3OjA2 ]]> Live Laugh and Love MjM5My0yMDEyLTA4LTA0IDIzOjM0OjM4 ]]> Rockin' In Rosalie's Boat MjM5Mi0yMDEyLTA4LTA0IDIzOjI0OjQ4 ]]> Tie a Yellow Ribbon MjM5MS0yMDEyLTA4LTA0IDIzOjIwOjI2 ]]> South of the Border MjM4My0yMDEyLTA2LTIzIDE1OjA2OjE0 ]]> Like My Dog Does MjM4Mi0yMDEyLTA2LTIzIDE1OjAyOjQ2 ]]> Dream Dream Dream MjM4MS0yMDEyLTA2LTIzIDE0OjU5OjAz ]]> I Hear You Knocking MjM4MC0yMDEyLTA2LTIzIDE0OjU1OjM0 ]]> Oh Susanna MjM3OS0yMDEyLTA2LTIzIDE0OjUzOjU4 ]]> Watermelon Crawl MjM3OC0yMDEyLTA2LTIzIDE0OjM1OjIx ]]> On My Way MjM3Ny0yMDEyLTA1LTE4IDAyOjU2OjI1 ]]> Seminole Wind MjM3Ni0yMDEyLTA1LTAxIDAxOjA0OjU2 ]]> If Wishes Were Horses MjM3NS0yMDEyLTA1LTAxIDAwOjUyOjE3 ]]> Country Girl Shake It MjM3NC0yMDEyLTA1LTAxIDAwOjM5OjU5 ]]> Buy Me A Rose MjM3My0yMDEyLTA1LTAxIDAwOjI4OjI0 ]]> Sharp Dressed Man MjM3Mi0yMDEyLTA1LTAxIDAwOjE0OjQ1 ]]> Jude Hoedown MjM3MS0yMDEyLTAzLTA3IDA5OjU5OjUy ]]> Four Leaf Clover MjM3MC0yMDEyLTAyLTI1IDE2OjUzOjQz ]]> Dance With Me (Hernado's Hide A Way) MjM2OC0yMDEyLTAyLTI1IDE2OjM5OjIx ]]> Red Solo Cup MjM2Ny0yMDEyLTAyLTI1IDE2OjI5OjU5 ]]> Danny Boy MjM2Ni0yMDEyLTAyLTEyIDE1OjIxOjQ2 ]]> A Walk In The Irish Rain MjM2NS0yMDEyLTAyLTEyIDE1OjE3OjAw ]]> Your Man MjM2NC0yMDEyLTAyLTEyIDE1OjEwOjQ5 ]]> You Ain't Much Fun MjM2My0yMDExLTEyLTEyIDIwOjA5OjM1 ]]> It Never Rains In Southern California MjM2Mi0yMDExLTEyLTEyIDIwOjAzOjU2 ]]> Welcome To My World MjM2MS0yMDExLTEwLTIzIDEyOjQ3OjU4 ]]> There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays MjM2MC0yMDExLTEwLTIzIDEyOjM0OjQz ]]> Nuttin for Christmas MjM1OS0yMDExLTEwLTExIDE5OjU0OjM3 ]]> Dock of the Bay MjM1OC0yMDExLTEwLTExIDE5OjI0OjQ4 ]]> Heartland MjM1NC0yMDExLTA5LTAzIDAwOjIyOjQ4 ]]> My Baby No Esta Aqui No More MjM1Ny0yMDExLTA5LTAzIDAwOjE5OjUz ]]> Joe's Place MjM1Ni0yMDExLTA5LTAzIDAwOjE4OjEy ]]> Elvis Tonight MjM1NS0yMDExLTA5LTAzIDAwOjE3OjM3 ]]> Here For a Good Time MjM1My0yMDExLTA5LTAzIDAwOjE1OjI4 ]]> Shine On Harvest Moon MjM1Mi0yMDExLTA3LTI2IDAwOjE4OjAw ]]> Free & Easy MjM1MS0yMDExLTA3LTI2IDAwOjEwOjQw ]]> Coconuts MjM1MC0yMDExLTA3LTAzIDE5OjQ2OjE3 ]]> The Will To Love MTU5LTIwMTEtMDctMDIgMTM6NTE6MTM= ]]> VW Young at Heart MTU3LTIwMTEtMDctMDIgMTM6NTA6MDc= ]]> Bill's Wheels H/D MjMwOC0yMDExLTA2LTE4IDEyOjEwOjI0 ]]> Pickin H/D MjI4OC0yMDExLTA2LTE4IDEyOjA5OjM4 ]]> G-String H/D MjI4Ny0yMDExLTA2LTE4IDEyOjA4OjQy ]]> Bones H/D MjI4Ni0yMDExLTA2LTE4IDEyOjA4OjA1 ]]> Doe H/D MjM0OS0yMDExLTA2LTE4IDEyOjA2OjM4 ]]> Boogie Beat H/D MjM0OC0yMDExLTA2LTE4IDEyOjA1OjU5 ]]> Cuttin' Up H/D MjM0Ny0yMDExLTA2LTE4IDEyOjA1OjIy ]]> Leaning On The Everlasting Arms MjM0Ni0yMDExLTA1LTI4IDEzOjE4OjUw ]]> The Fireman MjM0NS0yMDExLTA1LTIyIDA3OjE0OjQz ]]> KAWLIGA MjM0NC0yMDExLTA1LTA1IDAxOjU5OjU3 ]]> Ripple Hoedown MjM0My0yMDExLTA1LTA0IDIwOjIwOjQ3 ]]> Hey Baby, I'm A Country Man MjI5OS0yMDExLTA1LTAyIDA3OjU2OjU4 ]]> LOTTA LEAVING LEFT TO DO MjI5OC0yMDExLTA1LTAxIDIzOjI3OjE5 ]]> It Must Be Love MjI5Ny0yMDExLTA1LTAxIDIzOjI0OjE4 ]]> Rusty Old American Dream MjMzMi0yMDExLTA1LTAxIDE5OjQyOjE5 ]]> Ain't Back Yet MjMzMS0yMDExLTA1LTAxIDE5OjMxOjAz ]]> Where The Old Red River Flows MjMzMC0yMDExLTA1LTAxIDE5OjA0OjQ5 ]]> HEY SOUL SISTER MjMyOC0yMDExLTAxLTE5IDExOjM4OjI5 ]]> WRAPPED UP IN YOU MjMyNy0yMDExLTAxLTE5IDExOjEwOjEy ]]> MTA MjMyNi0yMDEwLTEyLTE1IDA2OjMyOjU1 <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;desc]]> Ho-Down MjMyNC0yMDEwLTEyLTEyIDIxOjMwOjUx ]]> Learning To Smile MjMyMy0yMDEwLTEyLTEyIDIxOjIzOjU2 ]]> Nothing I Can Do About It Now MjMyMi0yMDEwLTEyLTEyIDIxOjE3OjA3 ]]> Man Of Me MjMyMS0yMDEwLTEyLTEyIDIxOjEyOjM0 ]]> Some Beach MjMyMC0yMDEwLTEyLTEyIDIwOjQxOjI4 ]]> Old Time Rock And Roll MjMxOS0yMDEwLTEyLTAxIDE4OjIwOjA0 ]]> Good Morning Beautiful MjMxOC0yMDEwLTExLTMwIDE3OjI5OjA1 ]]> Walking in the Sunshine MjMxNy0yMDEwLTExLTEyIDE2OjM3OjAx ]]> Lonesome Pine MjMxNi0yMDEwLTExLTEwIDA2OjUwOjUz ]]> Thats how I got to be this way MjMxNS0yMDEwLTExLTEwIDA2OjQ5OjQ2 ]]> Seashores Of Old Mexico MjMxNC0yMDEwLTEwLTA5IDA3OjIzOjU1 ]]> Southern Voice MjMxMy0yMDEwLTEwLTA2IDA2OjMyOjM0 ]]> Rolling Through The Sunshine MjMxMi0yMDEwLTEwLTAzIDA4OjQwOjU4 ]]> I Left My Heart In San Francisco MjMxMS0yMDEwLTEwLTAzIDA4OjMyOjA2 ]]> Freight Train MjMxMC0yMDEwLTEwLTAzIDA4OjI5OjA4 ]]> There’s Got to Be a Rainbow Somewhere MjMwOS0yMDEwLTEwLTAzIDA4OjI0OjAz ]]> Pretty Woman MjMwNy0yMDEwLTA5LTAyIDA2OjQ4OjMx ]]> Long Black Train MjMwNS0yMDEwLTA5LTAyIDA2OjQ2OjU4 ]]> Two Hearts On The Borderline MjMwNC0yMDEwLTA4LTI4IDA5OjE2OjM4 ]]> Blue Moon Of Kentucky MjMwMy0yMDEwLTA4LTI4IDA5OjA2OjQx ]]> Katie Wants A Fast One MjMwMi0yMDEwLTA4LTA1IDA3OjM4OjQz ]]> After While MjMwMS0yMDEwLTA3LTA1IDEwOjM1OjAz ]]> It's All About Tonight MjMwMC0yMDEwLTA2LTEyIDA3OjA0OjIx ]]> You’re Too Good To Be True MjI5Ni0yMDEwLTA1LTA0IDA3OjAyOjM2 ]]> Hillbilly Bone MjI5NS0yMDEwLTA1LTA0IDA2OjU0OjM2 ]]> I Still Like Bologna MjI5NC0yMDEwLTA1LTA0IDA2OjQ2OjQ0 ]]> Toes MjI5My0yMDEwLTA1LTAyIDA4OjAxOjAx ]]> That's How Country Boys Roll MjI5Mi0yMDEwLTA0LTE1IDA3OjQ1OjU1 ]]> That'll Be The Day MjI5MS0yMDEwLTA0LTE1IDA3OjQ0OjU2 ]]> Help Me Make It Thru The Night MjI5MC0yMDEwLTA0LTE1IDA3OjI3OjUx ]]> Devil Woman MjI4OS0yMDEwLTA0LTE0IDE4OjE4OjUy ]]> Honky Tonk Boots MjI4NS0yMDEwLTA0LTEzIDA3OjQ1OjEx ]]> Howling at the Moon MjI4NC0yMDEwLTA0LTEyIDA4OjAwOjI0 ]]> Achy Breaky Heart MjI4My0yMDEwLTA0LTEyIDA3OjQzOjE5 ]]> Lady is a Tramp MjI4Mi0yMDEwLTA0LTEyIDA3OjM5OjEy ]]> The Birdie Song MjI4MC0yMDEwLTAzLTIwIDA4OjAwOjUy ]]> Why Don't We Just Dance MjI3OS0yMDEwLTAzLTA2IDEyOjIwOjMx ]]> You Were Only Fooling MjI3OC0yMDEwLTAyLTExIDExOjU2OjAw ]]> I Cross My Heart MjI3Ny0yMDEwLTAyLTA2IDE1OjM2OjU4 ]]> THAT'S THE REASON MjI3Ni0yMDA5LTEyLTA1IDA2OjQ5OjMw ]]> Patty Cake Polka (Easy Mixer - Cued) MTU2LTIwMDktMDgtMTcgMTI6MDY6MjE= ]]> Walking The Dog MTYzLTIwMDktMDgtMTcgMTI6MDI6MjQ= ]]> Glory Train MTYyLTIwMDktMDgtMTcgMTI6MDA6NTY= ]]> Country Soul MTYxLTIwMDktMDgtMTcgMTE6NTk6MTc= ]]> Those Memories Of You MTYwLTIwMDktMDgtMTcgMTE6NTM6NTY= ]]> Changes In Latitude MTU4LTIwMDktMDgtMTcgMDc6MTE6MjM= ]]> PICK ME UP ON YOUR WAY DOWN MTUzLTIwMDktMDgtMDQgMDA6MDA6MDA= ]]> TEARS IN HEAVEN MTU0LTIwMDktMDgtMDQgMDA6MDA6MDA= ]]> THE BEST OF MY LOVE MTU1LTIwMDktMDgtMDQgMDA6MDA6MDA= ]]> FUNNY FACE OTAtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAxMDoyODoxOQ== ]]> BUTTERFLY KISSES MTI1LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDg6MDg6NDg= ]]> ANGEL MTI0LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDg6MDc6Mjk= ]]> NEW WORLD IN THE MORNING MTIyLTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDg6MDU6NTU= ]]> ROLLING WITH THE FLOW MTA2LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDg6MDQ6MjE= ]]> SOMEBODY ELSE'S MOON MTA3LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDg6MDI6NTE= ]]> I WILL MTA4LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDg6MDE6MDE= ]]> BLUE HIGHWAY OTktMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwODowMDoxNA== ]]> WILD ON SATURDAY NIGHT OTEtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzo1NzoxMw== ]]> DISNEY MEDLEY NzYtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzo1MToxNA== ]]> LET ME BE THERE MTAwLTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6NDM6MzY= ]]> SOMEWHERE OUT THERE NDMtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzo0MDoxMg== ]]> NO MATTER WHAT MTEtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzozODo1NA== ]]> SOMETIMES WHEN WE TOUCH NDItMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzozNToxOA== ]]> YOU'LL BE IN MY HEART MTAtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzozNDo0Mw== ]]> IF YOU SAY MY EYES ARE BEAUTIFUL OS0yMDA5LTA2LTI2IDA3OjM0OjI1 ]]> MY HEROS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN COWBOYS MTQ3LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6Mjk6NTA= ]]> ALMOST LIKE BEING IN LOVE MTQ2LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6Mjg6Mzk= ]]> FRAULEIN MTQyLTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6Mjc6MTk= ]]> BLUEBERRY HILL MTQxLTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6MjY6MDU= ]]> TOO MUCH FUN MTM4LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6MjI6NDE= ]]> YOU ARE THE WOMAN MTM3LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6MjE6MDg= ]]> YES, IT'S ME (And I'm in Love Again) MTM2LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6MjA6NTI= ]]> LODI MTM1LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6MjA6Mzk= ]]> I WAS THE ONE MTMzLTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6MTg6MzU= ]]> THE LION KING MTEwLTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6MTY6MjU= ]]> DOUBLE BOGIE BLUES MTA5LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6MTY6MTA= ]]> SOME BROKEN HEARTS MTA1LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6MTM6MDk= ]]> NEVER, EVER, AND FOREVER MTA0LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6MTI6NTM= ]]> FRIENDS FOR LIFE MTAzLTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6MTI6MzI= ]]> BUT I DO MTAyLTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6MTI6MTY= ]]> ADIOS AU REVOIR AUFWIEDERSEHN MTAxLTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDc6MTE6NDM= ]]> COOL TO BE A FOOL OTItMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzoxMDoyNg== ]]> THE ENTERTAINER / DISCO JOE ODctMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzowOTozMg== ]]> MOLLY MALONE / SPINNING WHEEL ODUtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzowOToyMg== ]]> TATIANA / SASHA ODYtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzowOToxMw== ]]> IRISH DEW ODMtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzowODo1OA== ]]> BUTTERFLY ODAtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzowODo0Mg== ]]> WILDWOOD MARCH / UPTOWN ODktMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzowODoyMQ== ]]> DREAMWORKS / SWINGTIME ODItMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzowODowMA== ]]> CRACKERS ODEtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzowNzozNg== ]]> MACARENA - JUBILATION ODQtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzowNzoyMw== ]]> WALK WALK WALKING / PLAYMATE ODgtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzowNzowNQ== ]]> YESTERDAY'S SONGS NzctMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzowNToyMQ== ]]> DREAM ON TEXAS LADIES NzUtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzowMjo0NQ== ]]> ANGELS AMONG US NzMtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzowMTozMA== ]]> IRRESISTIBLE YOU NzQtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNzowMTowNg== ]]> MY HOMETOWN NzItMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNjo1OToyNg== ]]> FERRY CROSS THE MERSEY NzEtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNjo1ODowNw== ]]> THAT'S ALL NTgtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNjo1NjoxMA== ]]> I'D LOVE YOU MORE THAN I DO NTctMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNjo1NTo1Mw== ]]> SQUAWS ALONG THE YUKON NDEtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNjo1Mzo0OA== ]]> SOFT, SWEET AND WARM NDAtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNjo1MzozMw== ]]> OLD HIPPIE MzktMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNjo1MzoxNg== ]]> LOVE MzgtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNjo1Mjo1Ng== ]]> KEEP ON SINGING MzctMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNjo1MjozMQ== ]]> GOOD THINGS MzYtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNjo1MjoxMg== ]]> ALL MY LOVING MzUtMjAwOS0wNi0yNiAwNjo1MTo1Nw== ]]> STARS OVER TEXAS OC0yMDA5LTA2LTI2IDA2OjQ5OjMz ]]> LETS GET AWAY FROM IT ALL Ny0yMDA5LTA2LTI2IDA2OjQ5OjEz ]]> I'VE NEVER LOVED ANYONE MORE Ni0yMDA5LTA2LTI2IDA2OjQ4OjQ5 ]]> HEART OVER MIND NS0yMDA5LTA2LTI2IDA2OjQ4OjMy ]]> MOON OVER HER SHOULDER NC0yMDA5LTA2LTI2IDA2OjQ3OjAx ]]> BABY YOUR BABY My0yMDA5LTA2LTI2IDA2OjQ2OjQ3 ]]> GONE GONE GONE MTQzLTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDY6NDM6Mjk= ]]> YOU KNOW ME BETTER THAN THAT MTQ1LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDY6Mjg6Mzc= ]]> IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES MTQ0LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDY6Mjg6MTQ= ]]> ACT NATURALLY MTIzLTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDY6Mjc6MTE= ]]> YOUR LOVE AMAZES ME MTMxLTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDY6MjQ6MTA= ]]> WONDERFUL TONIGHT MTMwLTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDY6MjM6NTM= ]]> TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY BABY MTI5LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDY6MjM6Mzk= ]]> PAINTED LADIES MTI4LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDY6MjM6MTA= ]]> ONE OF THOSE WONDERFUL SONGS MTI3LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDY6MjI6NTA= ]]> COUNTRY BOY MTI2LTIwMDktMDYtMjYgMDY6MjI6Mjg= ]]> BABY BLUE MTItMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT MTMtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> DREAMLAND EXPRESS MTQtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> HAVIN' FUN MTUtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU MTYtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> I WRITE THE SONGS MTctMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> I'LL ALWAYS BE HERE MTgtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> IN THIS LIFE MTktMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SPRING MjAtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> LITTLE BIT IS BETTER THAN NADA MjEtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> LOVE ME MjItMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> MUSKRAT LOVE MjMtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> OLD CAPE COD MjQtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> RUN FOR THE ROSES MjUtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> SHE'S EVERY WOMAN MjYtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> THE RIVER (I Will Sail My Vessel ) MjctMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> THE WONDER OF YOU MjgtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> THEN THE WORLD WILL KNOW MjktMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> TOO BUSY BEING IN LOVE MzEtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> VENUS IN BLUE JEANS MzItMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> WALKIN' AWAY MzMtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY YOU LOVE ME MzQtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> BEFORE THE NEXT TEARDROP FALLS NDQtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> BORN TO BE BLUE NDUtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]> CRAZY NDYtMjAwOS0wNi0yNCAwMDowMDowMA== ]]>