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Meet Bob & Marie Shiver and A&S Records
Narrated by Bob Shiver

Bob & Marie Shiver
Marie and I started square dancing near Madrid, Spain, in 1969. Three years later, I began calling in Athens, Greece. I have been the club caller for as many as five clubs at one time and currently call for the Western Squares in Macon, Georgia.

I retired from the U.S. Air Force in November 1976. I was honored to be selected as "Caller of the Month" for the Sets In Order National Square Dance Magazine in July of 1984.

I was on the staff of Thunderbird records for two years and on Mustang Records for 4 years. I have made special appearances on Global (GMP), Big Mac (BM), and Square Tunes (ST) Records.

Marie and I started A&S Record label in September, 1993, and have released eight records on our A&S label.

In 1977 the Adams and Shivers (A&S) bought the square dance portion of "Educational Records" from Ms. Hicks in Atlanta and moved it to Warner Robins. A little over a year later the Adams moved to Egypt, and we bought their half of the record shop. We kept the name A&S Records. We have maintained our stock at some 12,000 square dance and related records ever since. We also carry Hilton needles, Plastic Sleeves, Diplomas, basic/MS/Plus books, Pocket Dictionaries, Record Cases, etc.

Marie and I are the sole owners and operators (and janitors!). Our goal for over 31 years has been to please and serve our customers, who are also our friends, to the utmost! We try so very hard to give the best service and prices available in the business today.

Records were $2.10 when we began in 1977. Over the years we have been forced, for a lot of reasons, to increase to our present $5.50 each. We dread price increases and have 'eaten' many of them along the way. A&S has always been among the very last (if, indeed, not the last) of the dealers to increase prices. Now we've decided to offer square dance records online. With our new online store you can purchase square dance records, square dance CD's and square dance MP3's.

Hope to hear from you soon and often!! Keep smiling!