Willis started calling in 1997, introduced into it by Millard Wilkinson, caller for the Circle Eights S/D club in Lilburn, GA. He attended a callers' school that year run by Bill McVey and Larry Johnson. Four new callers attended but Willis is the only one still calling. He and his wife Carolyn, who leads line dancing, do frequent one-night stands. Willis explains: "We make a pretty good team. She is beautiful, graceful, charming, friendly and the dancers all love her. I call the square dance tips." When not dancing or calling, Willis is either reading or working on his new woodworking shop. Contact him at williscook@windstream.net (Click the email link below)



Contact Information:

Willis Cook, 889 Varner RD, Carnesville, GA 30521

Phone: 706-335-4267

Email: williscook@windstream.net

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