Wayne's wife, Karan, signed him up for a greeny caller dance in the fall of 2004. After telling everyone she could think of that he would be calling that night, he thought he perhaps should learn a singing call! The night was fabulous and the song, "How Come You Do Me Like You Do" by Rick Smith, started him down his calling path. Since that time Wayne calls every chance he gets and particularly likes the party nights. Nothing makes him happier than to take a room full of folks with no experience and have them dancing and having fun by the end of the evening. Wayne is a member of Callerlab, North Texas Callers Association and Texas State Callers Association and is BMI/ASCAP licensed. Please visit the link below to find out more about booking your next special dance or private event and to hear a sample of Wayne's calling style.



Contact Information:

Wayne Huggins, 611 N. Wickham, Alvord, TX 76225

Phone: 972-342-8005 or 940-577-0377

Email: huggins@netcommander.com

Web Site: www.squaredanceparties.com

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