This misplaced yankee doodle dandy gal originated in the suburbs of New York, making her way to Dixie after tasting southern life (and rearing 3 children) in North Carolina, and now delighted to be grandparenting twins in Georgia. Sandie has always been a dancer, attending her first structured dance class at age 3, and shuffling her way thru life ever since. She developed a taste for calling simultaneously with her earliest square dance classes in NY, at the mic of her teacher and mentor, Sandy Corey. She credits Ms Corey's infectious rapport with the floor and entertaining methods for the inspiration to attend Caller College and become a caller. Sandie completed a Caller College held in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. The teaching staff included Randy Page, Mike Jacobs, Al Stevens, Deborah Parnell (Jones) and Jim Wass. While the square dance club atmosphere reinforces the ideal that, "Square dancing is friendship set to music," Sandie particularly enjoys calling one-nighters for outside groups and organizations looking for that memorable event for their members and participants.



Contact Information:

Sandie Vaccaro, 455 Callie Lane, Statham, GA 30666

Phone: 706-224-8662


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