Reggie has an interesting history. He grew up in Savannah, GA and played 1st chair trumpet, plus other instruments, in his school band. Reggie helped form a dance band (The Starlighters) who played at many teen dances and other functions. They disbanded to serve in the military during the Korean conflict. Reggie was a baseball player and tried out for some pro teams, including the NY Yankees. He ended up playing semi-pro baseball in Savannah. His baseball manager & wife got Reggie & his wife involved in square dancing. He started square dancing in March 1959 and began calling in December 1959. Reggie and family moved to Fayetteville, NC where he took the position of comptroller for an automotive dealership. He has called for many clubs and taught many dancers since Dec 1959. He has started many clubs and two of them are still dancing after 30 years! Reggie started Tarheel Records in 1998 and is the owner and producer. He has been on the staff of numerous festivals throughout the southeast. For even more information on Reggie please visit his web site! Link below...



Contact Information:

Reggie Kniphfer, 1902 Columbia Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28304

Phone: 910-867-6891


Web Site:

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