Mike Sikorsky was voted Most Entertaining Caller at the first ever Ozzie Awards held in Las Vegas, NV.

Mike Sikorsky called his first full square dance for the Roaring 20's young adult club in July 1972 in Van Nuys, CA. Mike later discovered his Maternal Grandfather, Oscar, was an old time square dance caller, calling "Wagon Wheel" and "Red Wing" every summer Saturday night on his farm to the music being played by whatever banjo or guitar player showed up.

Mike graduated from CSUN with a Bachelor's Degree, paying his own way with the money he made from square dance calling. About Mike's square dance calling, his college friends said, "Well, it beats flipping hamburgers!"

In November 2010, Mike Sikorsky became an author, publishing Vol. I of his own defined method of Patter Calling, the Activator-Stream method, where one sequencing of calls (an Activator) has a variable allowing for at least 10 different variations. When 3 of these Activators are combined, creating a Stream, the caller has 6,000 possible different variations!

The Activator-Stream Book 2 was first published in November 2011. Both books can be ordered from Bob & Marie Shiver at www.asrecords.com

You can purchase Mike Sikorsky country music CDs if you goto www.cdbaby.com and type Mike Sikorsky in the search bar. You can also listen to samples of each song.

You can goto www.facebook.com/arizonacaller and for $0.99 per song, you can download songs from Mike's latest 2 country music cds.

You can dance the calling of Mike Sikorsky at the Great Las Vegas Getaway in Sept 2012, RIVCO in Indio, CA in Nov 2012, in McCloud CA in July/Aug 2012, or in Mesa, AZ from Nov thru Mar each winter!

Mike conducts various caller schools where he will teach from his newest book, the Activator-Stream System Vol II, and Wade Driver will offer the best musical instruction available anywhere!

Contact Mike Sikorsky calls One Nighter Parties, Beginners, Mainstream, Plus, A1, A2, and C1.


Contact Information:

Mike Sikorsky, 1917 S Signal Butte RD #101-221, Mesa, AZ 85209

Phone: 480-204-0110

Email: arizonacaller@gmail.com

Web Site: http://www.arizonacaller.weebly.com

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