There's not enough room to say all the good things about John, so we'll just hit some of the highlights! He's been calling for many decades and has been a recording artist for just as long. Mostly on Kalox records, but some other labels as well. John & his lovely wife, Linda, co-writes a monthly article (Square-Up) in the American Square Dance Magazine. They have given so very much to our beloved activity over the years! John publishes a monthly note service for callers with the catchy name of "John's Notes." He has a wonderful personality with great humor! Being a certified CallerLab Teacher/Coach, John conducts a lot of caller clinics. If you can find John available to call your dance, or conduct a clinic, book him!


Contact Information:

John Saunders, 3303 Travelers Palm DR, Edgewater, FL 32141

Phone: 386-428-1496


Web Site:

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