Joey has been calling since February 1981. He has called in 17 states. He began calling in South Carolina then moved to Louisiana in 1993. Joey calls many local club dances, anniversaries and specials, as well as state and association dances all across Texas and Louisiana. He has been the featured caller at two Texas State dances, and attended and called at 4 Texas State Festivals. He performed the National Anthem at 2 of those 4 dances. Joey has a great voice and carries a wide selection of sound track tapes with him to dances. It's super entertainment between tips! Besides his wife, Beverley, Joey has several family members who square dance; including his parents, two sisters, one brother-in-law, a niece, and a sister-in-law! He believes that square dancing is the friendliest activity around, and tries his utmost to give back to the activity what it has given to him and his family over the years. To learn more about Joey and see his calling schedule...check out his website. Link Below.


 Contact Information:

Joey Duhamel, 479 Company Farm Road, Baskin, LA 71219

Phone: 318-248-3865


Web Site:

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