Jim was an active caller in the Florida callers association in the early 80's. Full retirement from the school superintendency has allowed him to return to calling. Jim's enthusiasm for square dancing and calling, up through plus level, with an up beat tempo - solid singing - and fun patter will give you an evening of fun and excitement. Jim is the club caller for the Lakeshore Squares in Gainesville, GA and is an associate caller for the High Mountain Squares in Franklin, NC. Jim is a member of CALLERLAB and the North Carolina Callers Association. He and his wife, Sandra, live in Otto, NC and they would love to be invited to call a dance at your club!




 Contact Information:

Jim Duncan, 205 Shope Wood Lane, Otto, NC 28763-9108

Phone: 828-524-1924

Email: duncjims@aol.com

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