Gene was born in 1949 in Johnson City, TN, and was blessed with the ability to sing since the second grade. From opera and symphony choruses, to Millsaps College groups (Jackson, MS 1971), to church and small ensembles, he has entertained people all over the south. He likes the “new” square dance music that has a driving beat, but still enjoys the older tunes also. “I think there are a lot of dancers who enjoy dancing to the tunes that started them out on this road we call square dancing.” He is the club caller for the Barnlofters in Hermitage, TN. Happily married for 46 years to Joyce, they enjoy dancing, camping, fishing, and traveling when they have time. They live in Middle Tennessee not far from Nashville. Gene calls through A-2 and does one-night stands and party dances.




 Contact Information:

Gene Aldridge, 428 Williamsport DR, Smyrna, TN 37167-6371

Phone: 615-278-4113


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