It's so good to have Danny and his lovely wife Peggy back in the Square Dance picture! Danny's father (Harold) has been a very well known caller for years. Danny started calling some singing calls at the ripe old age of eight! He & Peggy danced as teenagers then got married. (They even danced on their honeymoon!) They were dancing and calling from 1978 to 1985 then stopped because of babies! Began dancing and calling again in 1992 but had to drop out in 1999 because of teenagers!! As of 2005 they are here to stay and the square dance activity is lucky to have them back! Everybody loves Danny and the fun dances he calls. He is the club caller for The Carolina Promenaders. Danny recorded in earlier years for Melody Records. Now he's on the recording staff for A&S Records. Check out his latest release AS-107 "Glory Train" ... It's GREAT!

Call for Danny and he'll call for you!



Contact Information:

Danny Thomas, 712 S. Spruce St., Rock Hill, SC 29730

Phone: 803-328-0289


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