There's not enough room on this page to do Brian Hotchkies justice! He is an exciting and dedicated Square Dance Caller who has the ability to make the simplest basics interesting and fun to dance. Brian started square dancing in Newcastle, Australia during February 1960. In November of that year he entered an amateur callers contest which sparked an enthusiasm for square dancing that would last forever! Brian's home program consists of calling for three weekly clubs, and four monthly clubs. He calls from Basic through A2. In 1968 Brian recorded his first square dance record. Since then he has recorded over 100 records for various square dance labels, including instructional material which is used throughout the Australian School Education system. Brian started running Caller Schools and Clinics in 1967 and still does 1 or 2 in Australia and New Zealand each year. He is an active Callerlab member and has served on panels at Callerlab conventions. In 1978 Brian decided to resign from his "day job" as a computer programmer and become Australia's first "full time" modern Square Dance Caller. He quickly became known as Australia's "FUN Caller". He earned this title, not only from the comic things he would do on the stage, but also from the amazing formations he would set up. Brian is famous for his Progressive and Exploding Squares. Also an expert with Tandem Squares and six-couple squares. We could go on and on about this extraordinary the fact that he has regular weekend bookings throughout Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Do your club a favor and contact Brian Hotchkies to call a dance!!



Contact Information:

Brian Hotchkies, 8 Kato Close, Kanwai, New South Wales 2259 Australia

Phone: 61 / 2 / 4392-0336 --- Cell: 61(0) 407-290-010


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