Bobby started dancing in the fall of 1961, taking a class with the Western Cutters Club, Jacksonville, FL taught by club caller Bob Reynolds. He immediately wanted to become a caller so Bobby started a class for teenagers and youth on Saturday mornings at the old feed store in Marietta on the west side of Jacksonville. Soon he was hired for his first regular calling position by the Western Cutters Club. Over the years Bobby has called for various open clubs in the Jacksonville area including the Friendly Frolics, Dixie Chain Gang, Red Fez Squares, Ancient City Squares (St. Augustine) and the Sunshine Twirlers (Gainesville, FL). In 1971 he started the first higher level clubs in the area, the Quartermore Advanced Club and the Sanddollars C-1 Club. It was during this time that Bobby spent a lot of time on the phone with Jack Lasry of Miami, who was the only Challenge level caller in FLorida, learning the techniques of Challenge level calling. Bobby called Advanced, C-1, C-2, and C-3 for a club he formed in Daytona with the help of Hugh and Linda Gardner. He also called C-1 and C-2 for a club in Savannah, Georgia. In 1985 Bobby retired from JEA as Supervisor of Mechanical Maintenance and started calling and traveling full time. Bobby and his lovely wife June became 'worn out' after so many years of being a traveling square dance caller. In 1997 they decided to retire from the activity and concentrate on building their new home. Bobby & June got a strong 'square dance itch' again in 2007, so they started dancing with the Grand Squares club in Gainesville, FL. (Lon Ligon club caller). With Lon's encouragement, Bobby has started to call again...much to the delight of many old friends. (For the 'rest of the story' on Bobby Keefe be sure to visit to his web site ... a LINK is below.) We are all thrilled to have Bobby & June BACK. Contact him to call your dance now!




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Bobby Keefe, PO Box 215, Raiford, FL 32083-0215

Phone: 386-431-1067


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