Called my first dance alone the 4th Saturday afternoon of April, 1958.
I've called a square dance in every state in the USA, 2 provinces in Canada, and in 32 foreign countries since then.
Currently a staff caller with Sting Records.   I was also a staff caller, and began my recording career with the Windsor label in 1970, have also recorded for Dance Ranch, CW, MacGregor and C-Bar-C / 7 C's Records. as well. Called on the "Sets In Order Sound Documentary" for the American Square Dance Society's Basic Album in 1977.
Became an Accredited CALLERLAB member in 1976 and served on the Board of Governors for 14 consecutive years.  I am also active on the Caller Training, Caller Education, Mainstream, and Plus committees as well.
I became a "Full-Time Caller" in 1983, the first American full-time caller in Europe.
I have served on the Board of the European Callers And Teachers Association for 10 years, serving as Vice President, Training Director, and President.
I am currently an Accredited Caller Coach Emeritus, and have taught 113 Full Curriculum Callers Schools since becoming Accredited by CALLERLAB in 1988, the first to become accredited outside of North America.
I called for 3 MS clubs, from October 1983 thru July 2014, 1 Plus Group from May 1978 thru December 2004 in Germany and during that timeframe I averaged 46 weekends per year with dances as well as caller educational seminars and schools.
I edited/published  "Notes for European Callers", a monthly callers note service from 1984 thru 2009, a quarter of a century.
Recipient of CALLERLAB's Milestone Award, the highest award given by CALLERLAB, for pioneering caller education in Europe. I also received the "Award Of Excellence" from CALLERLAB for my many contributions as a member of the Board Of Governors for 14 years, from 1992-2006.
Goals/Aims:  to continue exerting influence and experience in an attempt to watch the square dance program grow bigger and more popular than it was when I entered it.

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