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      Various Record Labels We Can Sell:               

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Please order MP3s and CD's from us.

(Questions? Send email to

Please note our old site

has not been updated since mid 2012!!


Although they are NOT posted on this site,

we can send you a Download Link

for MP3's from the following labels: (Also CD's available!!)


Aussie Tempo, DownUnder, ABC, BVR,

All Blue Star Labels including HiHat...

Map,  Imperial IR, Shindig, Gramophone GP,

Fine Tunes (FT), Gold Wing (GWR), Chinook, Double M,

CBarC, 7C's, Crown (CRC), JR Records (JRR),

Ranch House, Rockin M (RMR), Stampede (SR), MLS,

Silver Eagles, SharpShooter, Sting (SIR), Snow (SNW),

Prairie, Mountain, Desert, Ocean, and MarLet,

4BarB, Quadrille, SquareTunes, Pioneer, and many more!

We have EXCLUSIVE CD Rights for the Riverboat label.





(If you'd like anything listed on this site in a format

Other than mp3),

Please send email and ask us if we have it or can get it.

To order simply send email to




LATEST MP3s added to our collection:

ESP-435 Jonmark H/D
ESP-1166 Play That Funky Music
ASR-001 I Still Call Australia Home
ESP-1160 Sweet Baby Girl
ESP-1161 Hello Friends
ESP-1162 Jailhouse Creole
ESP-1163 Loving You Easy
ESP-1164 Sweet Sweet Smile
ESP-1165 I Can Hear Kentucky Calling Me
AS-120 I Don't Look Naked Anymore
AS-119 The Magic Is There
AS-118 Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (H/D))
AS-112 Rip Rip Woodchip
AS-113 Wild Montana Skies
AS-114 The Carnival Is Over
AS-115 I Have A Dream

        Welcome to A&S Record Shop Online. This website is an extension to our A&S Records website and provides an online ordering process.

About "The Top Five Monthly Best Sellers" in the blue menu above: This program was something we did from Jan 2003 until Oct 2011. It had to be discontinued for various reasons! Since there were so many great sound clips there, we decided to leave them up. Some of those releases are no longer available, but many of them still are! Just note that it IS NOT a current program. Read the months and years of those top five best sellers & you'll see. If you hear something there you like ask us about it via email!!!

Now you can order square dance music in MP3 format from this portion of A&S Record Shop and download it immediately. If you add only MP3s to your shopping cart and continue to checkout you will be taken to PayPal to process the payment. ONCE THE PAYMENT IS PROCESSED YOU'LL NEED TO CLICK THE LINK AT PAYPAL TO RETURN TO OUR STORE (SITE). THE RETURN TO OUR STORE IS NOT AUTOMATIC, YOU HAVE TO CLICK THE LINK, THEN WHEN YOU GET BACK A DOWNLOAD LINK FOR YOUR PURCHASE(s) WILL BE WAITING. (BUT THE LINK WON'T STAY THERE LONG!) ALSO AN LINK VIA EMAIL MAY BE SENT TO YOU! Yes, almost immediately you can now download your purchase and have your music!

You can also order CD and Vinyl from the online store. We will process your order with the same method we've always used. If you include anything other than MP3s in your shopping cart your order will be processed manually. You will not be taken to PayPal for payment, rather your order will be sent to us electronically. Remember only shopping carts with total MP3 selections will be processed with PayPal. (That said, it's better if you just email us orders for Vinyl and CD's!

Our MP3 file package includes an Instrumental, a Vocal track, and in most cases a Cue sheet. All are in a single zip file that is available immediately upon completion of payment. YES, once your payment is processed online using PayPal you are presented a download link and are also sent an email with the confirmation and the download link once again. Our download system will also allow you to purchase several file packages at one time. Just choose several files to add to your shopping cart then we will process your order and provide all your files in a single zip file.

Any time you see a FLASH player like the one below you can listen to the Vocal Track from our website. All vocal tracks are just a portion of the real Vocal Track that is packaged with your Instrumental MP3.

Take a listen to "Blue Bayou" as recorded by Bob Shiver Thank you for visiting our online store.
Bob & Marie Shiver